Why does photomatix charge for your Aperture plug-in while the Lightroom plug-in is free?

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Though Aperture and Lightroom are similar type of applications, their plug-in architectures are quite different.
Our plug-in for Lightroom is just an Export plug-in. This means the plug-in itself can’t do anything interesting without the stand-alone Photomatix Pro. The photos you export via the plug-in are processed in Photomatix Pro for HDR tone mapping or exposure fusion.
By contrast, our plug-in for Aperture is an Edit plug-in which works completely independently from the stand-alone Photomatix Pro. An Edit plug-in is similar to a Filter plug-in in Photoshop. The images you edit with the plug-in remain in Aperture and are processed by the plug-in itself.
You do not need Photomatix Pro to tone map images with the Aperture plug-in, which is why the Aperture plug-in is sold separately from the standalone Photomatix Pro (or bundled with it in Photomatix Pro Plus). However, you do need Photomatix Pro to use the Lightroom plug-in.

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