What HDR Photography is Not

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Photographers have an interesting sense when it comes to perception. For some reasons, some photographers find it amazingly self-fulfilling to really rip into other forms of photography or tools of photography.  In the photography world, it’s HDR Photography that’s been taking a beating for a long time now. However, different styles of photography exist because there are different schools of throught, different applications, and different values (to the photographer and the subject) – HDR included.

Unfortunately many photographers classify photography in 2 ways: What they like and what they don’t like. The photography that one photographer likes should then become the basis for what all photography is defined upon – instead of treating different types of photography differently.  You know the type of photographer and it becomes their life mission to get everyone else to agree with them.


HDR Photography is not different from any other type of photography or technique of photography. HDR imaging is but a tool for which a photographer or artist can express vision, craft, feeling, emotion, or nostalgia. You must understand the value at which that type of photography offers:

  • What value does it offer the photographer?
  • What value does it offer the subject?
  • What value does it offer the viewer?

HDR Photography is not a fad, gimmick, trick, or trend in the photography world – as any quick research will teach you. Our technology is advancing at an excellerated pace, making HDR Photography extremely interesting to the masses.  It offers value to all variables, if required or desired.

There is no denying that HDR Photography is not for everyone and I love that about it. But best of all:

HDR Photography is not going  away.

One my my most recent HDR Photographs from Toronto:

HDR Photography from Toronto


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