What camera do I need to get good results with Photomatix pro?

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What camera do I need to get good results with your software?
Photomatix works with differently exposed photos. To get good results, it is important that each one of the source photos are taken with a sufficiently different exposure in order to properly cover the dynamic range of the scene. Taking three photos separated by two EVs (i.e. two full-stops), or five photos separated by one EV, will be sufficient for most outdoors scenes.
Many digital cameras include an Auto Exposure Bracketing function that makes the process of taking several exposures easier and faster. If you select Aperture Priority and then use Auto Exposure Bracketing, the camera will automatically take 3 or more shots at different exposure times when you press the shutter release button.
A camera offering the Auto Exposure Bracketing option is therefore recommended for taking HDR pictures. However, this option won’t be useful if the maximum EV step possible with Auto Exposure Bracketing is less than one EV for your camera. If your camera offers less than that (for instance 0.7 or 2/3 EV), then Auto Exposure Bracketing won’t be useful and you will have to change the exposure times manually.
A list of camera models with their AEB settings is available here.
A two-EV spacing is best for capturing images intended for HDR. However, a one-EV spacing is still OK if the camera can take 5 or more frames with Auto Exposure Bracketing.

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