The HDR Photos of Beidaihe (Located in the southwest of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province.)

By Gavin  Jan, 11, 2011   Posted in China HDR Fotos

Beidaihe is a Chinese coastal summer resort located in the southwest of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province.

Under the impact of marine climate, weather in Beidaihe is mild, moist, cool and pleasant. It is an ideal summer resort since the average temperature here in summer is as low as 23centi degree. Moreover, Grade I atmosphere quality is ensured here all the year round, free of pollution and noise. Having the forest coverage up to 54% and per capita greenbelt as much as 630 square meters, Beidaihe is endowed with fascinating scenery.

With Bohai Sea on its south, Beidaihe has long and twisted coastal line. It is a natural seawater bathing place with gradual beach, soft sand and flat tide. Featuring beautiful scenery and peculiar hills and stones, Beidaihe is famous for its 24 scenic spots including East Lianfeng Hill, Yingjiao Pavilion, Kwan-yin Temple, Jinshanzui, Tiger Rock, Lotus Stone and Statue of Wei Tuo. Other than natural scenery, Beidaihe seashore is provided with several ancient stele pavilions which are in harmony with the landscape.

Beidaihe scenic spot is also a bird viewing place which has the fame of “Mekka for Viewing Birds”. There are over 6600 hectares of forest and more than 50mu wetland in the spot. Also, there lie mudflat, lagune and stagnant watercourse at the estuaries of Daihe River, Henghe River and Luanhe River, etc. Beidaihe scenic spot has been denominated as “Beidaihe Wetland” in the International Convention of Wetland and is under state protection. Favorable ecological environment endowed with bio-diversity has made Beidaihe a paradise for birds and a posthouse for birds of passage migrating between Siberia, North China and South China, Philippines and Australia. In spring and autumn, the migrating time for birds of passage, red-crowned cranes, white stork and other species of birds will fly chirming in the sky in groups, presenting a marvelous spectacle. In late spring and early summer, groups of birds can be seen looking for food pleasantly and leisurely on vast tide flat and tidal land in Geziwo (pigeon holep) and neighboring areas.

The beautiful and mysterious Beidaihe has ever attracted numerous men of the times in Chinese history. It is in this place that First Emperor of Qin Dynasty built xanadu, Emperor Wu in the Han Dynasty built the “Hanwu Dais”, and that Cao Cao composed the famous lyric-Viewing Boundless Ocean. The arrival of such outstanding persons in ancient China has made Beidaihe a mysterious and more appealing place.

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