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Tandent Lightbrush released

By Gavin  Sep, 14, 2012   Posted in HDR Software Review
Tandent Lightbrush released An incredible new software has surfaced, that can separate a photograph into reflectance and illumination components. Read the official description (and order your copy for today’s special of $1500) on Tandent’s Trillien technology is transforming the way artists manipulate and use real world imagery to create game content and special effects for film. Trillien reverse engineers an image into the...

Developing from RAW

By Gavin  Apr, 07, 2011   Posted in DSLR Camera
Developing from RAW Developing from RAW Many photographers idolize RAW, and many more take it less religiously but still use it as a matter of course. Then there are those who avoid it completely. If you do shoot to RAW, you need a way to get your pictures out of RAW into a format that can be used by anyone. A brief refresher to start. RAW is actually less a format than it is a group of formats that share the trait of containing raw picture data. Normally your...

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