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How to make an HDR image with Photomatix Pro

By Gavin  Oct, 01, 2018   Posted in HDR Tutorial
How to make an HDR image with Photomatix Pro This part of the tutorial is really a tutorial in using Photomatix Pro. You can get a free copy of Photomatix Pro to play around with. It will put watermarks on your image, but otherwise it’s fully functional. When you are ready to buy Photomatix Pro I can get you a 15% discount if you use the coupon code “15HDRIT”. Download Photomatix Pro and get 15% off by using coupon code “15HDRIT”. About the photo used I will use a photo that I...

Setting up your camera for HDR

By Gavin  Sep, 21, 2018   Posted in HDR Tutorial
A High Dynamic Range (HDR) photograph is really a set of photos, that you merge into one photo. The requirements to make an HDR photo out of e.g. three photos, is that the three photos are identical, except for the fact, that one is under exposed (dark), one is over exposed (bright) and one is normally exposed. A DSLR camera and most mirrorless system cameras, can be configured to do these three photos automatically, but only a very few snapshot...


By Gavin  Oct, 01, 2013   Posted in HDR Software
NEW PHOTOMATIX PRO 5 AND TONEMAPPING! Now it’s finally available for beta download on this special Photomatix page. There is all new tonemapping algorithm and all kinds of cool stuff a’goin’ on. Also, if you decide to buy the full version (you’ll get the free upgrade), we have a new Photomatix coupon code...

three top best hdr program: Photoshop’s HDR Pro, Photomatix Pro, and HDR Efex Pro

By Gavin  Jul, 17, 2011   Posted in HDR Tutorial
When it comes to HDR, only three key ingredients are needed: hardware, software, and post-processing technique. Hardware is simple—there are only a few things you need to set up and shoot an HDR series. Software is vastly improved, making it easier for anyone to create an HDR image. The hard part is the post-processing technique. There are only two options: hours and hours of experimentation or The HDR Book. Featuring real-world interviews...

hdr qtpfsgui vs. photomatix pro

By Gavin  Jul, 05, 2011   Posted in HDR News
qtpfsgui vs. photomatix: 1.Qtpfsgui Supported operations include: *creations of a HDR file from a set of images of a scene taken at different exposure setting. *tonemapping an HDR image into a common LDR image format (e.g jpeg or png) *loading, saving and rotating existing HDR images In some ways the program is a opensource clone of Photomatix. Qtpfsgui started as a linux-only gui, but now on the webpage you can find both the link to the...

Does Photomatix work with Photoshop Elements or Photoshop CS5?

By Gavin  Jun, 01, 2011   Posted in FAQ on Photomatix
Does Photomatix work with Photoshop Elements? Photomatix Pro or Photomatix Light is a stand-alone application, which means it does not need another imaging application to run. Once you have tone mapped HDR images with Photomatix Pro or Photomatix Light, the resulting images are compatible with any image editing software, i.e. you will be able to further process them in Photoshop Elements if you need to. ^ › Is your software compatible with...

The truck was done with HDR Efex Pro and the Badlands with Photomatix Pro.

By Gavin  Jan, 21, 2011   Posted in HDR photos
The truck was done with HDR Efex Pro and the Badlands with Photomatix Pro. Here are a couple more HDRs I reprocessed. The truck was done with HDR Efex Pro and the Badlands with Photomatix Pro. The truck is a bit more cartoonish than I normally like, but I think it kind of worked in this situation. On the Badlands shot I wanted a natural, non HDR...

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