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Download Photomatix 4.2 for Mac

By Gavin  May, 01, 2012   Posted in HDR News
30-Apr-12: Photomatix Pro 4.2 released. Updates include preset thumbnails display options, improved preview size controls, and Finishing Touch adjustments for contrast and sharpening. Photomatix 4.2 has been released.  This is a medium upgrade.  Speed, 20 new presets (that kick ass), and many bug fixes.  Get it! Size: 8 MB Platform: Windows/Mac I’ve downloaded and tried the new version of Photomatix. I was wondering what...

Photomatix Pro 4.2 beta release — free photomatix Pro 4.2 download

By Gavin  Apr, 09, 2012   Posted in HDR News
Photomatix Pro version 4.2 is currently in beta testing phase. You are welcome to help us test the beta releases, but please note the following: – Beta releases are not stable versions of the software. They may not work properly and they may crash often. – Beta releases are intended for testing purposes only, and should not be used for normal use and production work. – Beta releases of Photomatix Pro include the usual...

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