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How to Fuel Your Photographic Journey?

By Gavin  Jun, 24, 2013   Posted in Photography Tips
How to Fuel Your Photographic Journey? 1. Take an Overnight Photography Trip Overnight trips with other photographers make for a great time to talk and explore photography techniques. 2. Write a How to Photography Tutorial Writing a tutorial is the best test of how well you understand a topic. To start, pick something you feel you know really well. 3. Take Photowalk With a Group Taking a walk with a camera is a great advice, yet taking a walk with other photographers is better...

How to get Better Control of Autofocus

By Gavin  Mar, 28, 2013   Posted in Photography Tips
Sometimes autofocus can be really annoying. For some shots it’ll focus on the right part of your subject, but then the very next shot it may choose to focus on something far and away into the background. Sure, you could avoid this problem by always using manual focus, but autofocus is great when you need to focus quickly or when you’re photographing a landscape and you need to focus on a certain spot in the scene. Well, autofocus doesn’t...

What is White Balance

By Gavin  Mar, 16, 2013   Posted in Photography Tips
What is White Balance White Balance is an aspect of photography that many digital camera owners don’t understand or use – but it’s something well worth learning about as it can have a real impact upon the shots you take. So for those of you who have been avoiding White Balance – let me introduce you to it. I promise to keep it as simple as possible and keep what follows as useable as I can: At its simplest – the reason we adjust white balance is to get the...

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