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The Nikon D7000 vs D90: Which Better?

By Gavin  Aug, 15, 2013   Posted in DSLR Camera
The Nikon D7000 vs D90: Which Better? The new D7000 and how it compares to the older D90. If you’re like many D90 users out there, you’re probably wondering, should I upgrade? Is the D7000 that much better than the D90? The short answer, is yes, it is, but from a practical standpoint, let’s review both cameras. The D90 The D90 is a great camera. It’s a lightweight 12.3 MP DX sensor body that shoots 4.5 fps, which is certainly fast enough for many applications. When it...

Nikon D7000 for HDR

By Gavin  Jan, 18, 2011   Posted in HDR Camera Review
Nikon D7000 for HDR Nikon D7000 = Two steps forward, one giant step back (for HDR) The Nikon D7000 is limited to 3aeb.  BUT! Nikon in their infinite lack of wisdom has decided to further cripple HDR shooters by making that 3aeb limited to maximum steps of only 1EV between frames  (see update *****). Hence “one giant step back”. ***** 36 hours after the D7000 announcment, Nikon updated their website and marketing PDF to reflect a mistake on their part....

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