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HDR Software – Nik HDR Efex Pro Review

By Gavin  Jan, 13, 2011   Posted in HDR Software Review
Nik Software HDR Efex Pro is easily one of the more feature rich HDR options available today. I tested pretty extensively through each beta phase and pre-final release candidates and here are the major pros and cons I’ve experienced thusfar. (Nik’s official download/purchase date is Oct. 11th) PROS I am obsessed with Nik’s patented U Point® technology to add control points to target very specific areas in an image.  In HDR Efex Pro...

Tonemapping vs Toning

By Gavin  Jan, 13, 2011   Posted in HDR Tutorial
Less than a month ago Christian Bloch of communicated something to me I’d like to share with all of  you (us HDR nuts).  The nutshell of what he is proposing is that we all start using the term “Toning” vs “Tonemapping” when referring to finessing high dynamic range files (images). I’ve always viewed all of this as a pipeline.   A high dynamic range imaging pipeline which consists of everything from capture to post ...

Best HDR Video Tutorials 2010 in Youtube

By Gavin  Nov, 26, 2010   Posted in HDR photos
Best HDR Video Tutorials 2010 in Youtube Since I have confessed my love for high dynamic range (HDR) photography a couple of times already on this blog, I thought this would be a good time to list some of the best HDR tutorials that I have seen on Youtube. Secrets of Amazing HDR Photography What I like about this tutorial is it assumes the viewer has no prior knowledge to what HDR is and how it can be used.  So instead of just showing how to stack the images, and then adjust it...

Photoshop CS5 Tutorial – Quick HDR Effect

By Gavin  Nov, 26, 2010   Posted in HDR Tutorial
Photoshop CS5 Tutorial - Quick HDR Effect To create High Dynamic Range pictures, you need at least 3 different exposures of the same photo, but in this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to create HDR from a single image. This technique will make the bright portions of the image darker, and dark portions of the image lighter. This also gives the image a lot more realistic look. Tutorial Details Program: Adobe Photoshop CS5 (CS4 compatible) Difficulty: Beginner Estimated...

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