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AMP HDR – HDR video camera

By Gavin  Jun, 22, 2011   Posted in HDR News
AMP HDR - HDR video camera HDR video camera:All the funky music and toning choices aside, this is video actually shows a seriously powerful device. It’s based on a beamsplitter, means semi-transparent mirrors redirect the light from the lens to 3 sensors. A little bit like the 3-chip CCD cameras we used to have in the nineties, except it has 3 CMOS chips with roughly 3.5 EVs between each other. The clips they show would be tough to do with most other HDR video...

HDR video camera films like the human eye

By Gavin  Jan, 27, 2011   Posted in HDR News
HDR video camera films like the human eye HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, a technique that gives an image greater dynamic range to better highlight the differences between shadow and highlight detail. Traditional video cameras have difficulty in capturing a range of light as they are only using a single exposure to form the image, resulting in footage that might not look quite the same as the human eye sees. The standard method for constructing an HDR image involves taking...

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