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HDR Video System Banishes The Darkness

By Gavin  Jan, 27, 2011   Posted in HDR News
HDR Video System Banishes The Darkness High Dynamic Range(HDR) static imagery has been around for a while, but now University of Warwick researchers have developed the first HDR video to capture the “real world”. Sure, sometimes we don’t want to see what the world really looks like, but science and technology gurus have been trying their best for years to get cameras to accurately project what our eyes capture in a glance onto to TV and video screens. So far, they’ve...

Best HDR Video Tutorials 2010 in Youtube

By Gavin  Nov, 26, 2010   Posted in HDR photos
Best HDR Video Tutorials 2010 in Youtube Since I have confessed my love for high dynamic range (HDR) photography a couple of times already on this blog, I thought this would be a good time to list some of the best HDR tutorials that I have seen on Youtube. Secrets of Amazing HDR Photography What I like about this tutorial is it assumes the viewer has no prior knowledge to what HDR is and how it can be used.  So instead of just showing how to stack the images, and then adjust it...

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