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HDR Shooting Tips – Setting Up Your Digital Camera

By Gavin  Aug, 29, 2011   Posted in HDR Tutorial
HDR Shooting Tips - Setting Up Your Digital Camera Today we begin a Beginners Guide to HDR Photography by looking at how to set your digital camera up for shooting HDR images. . Introduction You’ve probably heard of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography, it’s made quite an entrance into the world of digital photography. If you haven’t, the HDR process is accomplished by taking multiple exposures of a high contrast scene (usually a landscape or cityscape), at different levels of brightness,...

How to Shot HDR without Tripod

By Gavin  Aug, 10, 2011   Posted in HDR Tutorial
How to Shot HDR without Tripod When shooting HDR and time-lapse, the key is to achieve multiple exposures with no variation in composition.  For this reason, most insist a tripod is a must.  I’d fully agree, except I routinely travel light (more accurately I have two little kids, so a single camera body with a 28-300 lens is all I’m allowed when I need to actually be more of a parent than a photographer). This has led me to practice three techniques to overcome my...

hdr photography program tutorial:How does photomatix pro handle color profiles?

By Gavin  Jun, 08, 2011   Posted in FAQ on Photomatix
hdr tutorial:How does your software handle color profiles? Photomatix processes the RGB values of your source images directly, without converting them to another color space. This means that the resulting images produced by Photomatix will be in the same color space as the one specified by the ICC color profile of your source images. When a color profile for the source images is available, Photomatix embeds it into the resulting tone mapped or...

Best HDR Video Tutorials 2010 in Youtube

By Gavin  Nov, 26, 2010   Posted in HDR photos
Best HDR Video Tutorials 2010 in Youtube Since I have confessed my love for high dynamic range (HDR) photography a couple of times already on this blog, I thought this would be a good time to list some of the best HDR tutorials that I have seen on Youtube. Secrets of Amazing HDR Photography What I like about this tutorial is it assumes the viewer has no prior knowledge to what HDR is and how it can be used.  So instead of just showing how to stack the images, and then adjust it...

Photoshop CS5 Tutorial – Quick HDR Effect

By Gavin  Nov, 26, 2010   Posted in HDR Tutorial
Photoshop CS5 Tutorial - Quick HDR Effect To create High Dynamic Range pictures, you need at least 3 different exposures of the same photo, but in this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to create HDR from a single image. This technique will make the bright portions of the image darker, and dark portions of the image lighter. This also gives the image a lot more realistic look. Tutorial Details Program: Adobe Photoshop CS5 (CS4 compatible) Difficulty: Beginner Estimated...

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