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New HDR Tips from John Omvik, VP Marketing at Unified Color

By Gavin  Aug, 24, 2011   Posted in HDR Tutorial
John Omvik has spent his entire working career in the photo industry. He’s developed a slew of great products ranging from digital camera designs to software to pro NAND Flash memory devices and even a photo security product. John’s also an accomplished pro photographer and he never misses a chance to shoot. Since coming to Unified Color he’s concentrated on the issues surrounding HDR photography and he’s developed a...

hdr picture software: creating hdr images, Mastering HDR Photography review

By Gavin  Jul, 18, 2011   Posted in HDR Tutorial
Use HDR technology to create dramatic images that meld photography and art. High dynamic range imaging, or HDR, is the latest challenge for those who are serious about digital photography. But with that challenge comes an opportunity to expand skills and repertoire into exciting new areas. HDR, originally developed for use with computer-generated images, captures the full range of tones in a scene, reproducing human perception down to the...


By Gavin  May, 06, 2011   Posted in HDR Tutorial
HDR is short for High Dynamic Range. It is a post-processing task of taking either one image or a series of images, combining them, and adjusting the contrast ratios to do things that are virtually impossible with a single aperture and shutter speed. An HDR image is commonly made by taking three photos of the same scene, each at different shutter speeds. The result is a bright, medium, and dark photo, based on the amount of light that got...

What HDR Photography is Not

By Gavin  Jan, 23, 2011   Posted in HDRI
What HDR Photography is Not Photographers have an interesting sense when it comes to perception. For some reasons, some photographers find it amazingly self-fulfilling to really rip into other forms of photography or tools of photography.  In the photography world, it’s HDR Photography that’s been taking a beating for a long time now. However, different styles of photography exist because there are different schools of throught, different applications, and...

Tonemapping vs Toning

By Gavin  Jan, 13, 2011   Posted in HDR Tutorial
Less than a month ago Christian Bloch of communicated something to me I’d like to share with all of  you (us HDR nuts).  The nutshell of what he is proposing is that we all start using the term “Toning” vs “Tonemapping” when referring to finessing high dynamic range files (images). I’ve always viewed all of this as a pipeline.   A high dynamic range imaging pipeline which consists of everything from capture to post ...

First learning HDR photography

By Gavin  Nov, 28, 2010   Posted in HDR Tutorial
First learning HDR photography Ok, so here is my first attempt at HDR photography. While messing with my camera’s settings, I discovered how to automatically take three photos at three different exposures at once while in burst mode – so you really don’t even need a tripod if you can keep your hands kinda steady. A fellow photographer friend of mine recommend an HDR program called Photomatix. I downloaded the photomatix and decided to give HDR a whirl....

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