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How you stitched the HDR Panoramas?

By Gavin  Jun, 12, 2011   Posted in HDRI
How to do HDR:Could you detail how you stitched the panoramas shown on your samples page? The panoramas shown on the examples page of this site have been stitched with Panorama Tools (also known as PanoTools). In order to produce identically stitched panoramas per exposure, we did the following: 1. Loaded the images shot at the middle exposure into PTGui 2. Set the control point and stitched a first panorama for the middle exposure 3. Saved...

Panoramic HDR Photography Tutorial

By Gavin  Jun, 11, 2011   Posted in FAQ on Photomatix
Panoramic HDR Photography Tutorial:Autodesk Stitcher returns an error “Image size must be the same” when I load HDR images produced with Photomatix. When the Align images option is selected and your bracketed images are slightly misaligned, Photomatix will by default crop the images after having corrected the alignment shifts. This means that the width and/or height of the resulting HDR image will slightly differ from the width and...

Using Photomatix for panoramas

By Gavin  Jun, 11, 2011   Posted in HDRI
I am stitching panoramas. How should I integrate Photomatix in my workflow? As you know, getting a seamless panorama is best achieved by maintaining a constant exposure when shooting the panorama’s views. The problem is that the right exposure is different for each view. Photomatix Pro can help solve this dilemma. First of all, you will need to shoot each one of the panorama’s angles of view at different exposures (for instance three...

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