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How to make an HDR image with Photomatix Pro

By Gavin  Oct, 01, 2018   Posted in HDR Tutorial
How to make an HDR image with Photomatix Pro This part of the tutorial is really a tutorial in using Photomatix Pro. You can get a free copy of Photomatix Pro to play around with. It will put watermarks on your image, but otherwise it’s fully functional. When you are ready to buy Photomatix Pro I can get you a 15% discount if you use the coupon code “15HDRIT”. Download Photomatix Pro and get 15% off by using coupon code “15HDRIT”. About the photo used I will use a photo that I...

Setting up your camera for HDR

By Gavin  Sep, 21, 2018   Posted in HDR Tutorial
A High Dynamic Range (HDR) photograph is really a set of photos, that you merge into one photo. The requirements to make an HDR photo out of e.g. three photos, is that the three photos are identical, except for the fact, that one is under exposed (dark), one is over exposed (bright) and one is normally exposed. A DSLR camera and most mirrorless system cameras, can be configured to do these three photos automatically, but only a very few snapshot...

hdr tips and tricks: How to produce a successful HDR image

By Gavin  Jul, 18, 2011   Posted in HDR Tutorial
* Directions for working with two popular photo editing programs: Photomatix and HDR Efex Pro * The specific settings used for each photo are given, along with commentary on why the artist chose those settings * Includes 47 stunning examples to show the wide range of creative possibilities HDR provides About the Author Tony Sweet is a professional nature/fine art photographer, lecturer, workshop instructor, and author of many photography...

hdr image software:I can’t get sharp results with photomatix?

By Gavin  Jun, 08, 2011   Posted in FAQ on Photomatix
I can’t get sharp results with your software! hdr image software:Lack of sharpness on tone mapped HDR images is often due to the use of Shutter priority mode instead of the recommended Aperture priority mode when bracketing shots. It it important to set your camera to Aperture priority when shooting with Automatic Exposure Bracketing. This way, only the shutter time will vary, and the Aperture will remain the same. If you set it to Shutter...

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