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Creating HDR Photos with Zoner Photo Studio

By Gavin  Jul, 20, 2014   Posted in HDR Software Review, HDR Tutorial
Creating HDR Photos with Zoner Photo Studio Features Used: HDR via Exposure Blending HDR via Tone Mapping   The human eye is still a bit ahead of cameras’ light sensors. Above all, our eyes can handle a broader dynamic range. This is a problem, and there’s a trick you can use to fight it: HDR. It stands for High Dynamic Range. 1 HDR becomes attractive the moment you have a scene with both very light and very dark areas, and you want a photo expressing details in both these...

new hdr software,SNS-HDR

By Gavin  Oct, 12, 2011   Posted in HDR Software Review
HDR images is to show the on-screen or paper images in a manner closer to how they were perceived in reality. The actual images may also be areas of very dark and very bright. Images such it is difficult to correctly reproduce, for both the monitor and paper, are not able to show fully seen by the human eye range of brightness. To be able to correct reproduction of such images, you can take advantage of the benefits offered by the HDR...

HDR and the Nokia N8

By Gavin  Sep, 26, 2011   Posted in HDR Tutorial
GLOBAL – The Nokia N8 packs a punch when it comes to taking amazing photos. That’ll be down to the Carl Zeiss, 12-megapixel camera that’s onboard. But sometimes, to get that extra-perfect shot, you’ll need some software. Today, we’re talking about HDR and the Nokia N8. Join us as we create our own HDR images, using HDR Photo Camera from Ovi Store. If you’re even mildly into photography, then it’ll be worth spending the £4.00...

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