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By Gavin  Jul, 21, 2011   Posted in HDR Tutorial

Cutting-edge information for professionals
* Master digital exposure, then HDR imaging
* Case studies from actual assignments
* Authoritative tips, tricks, and techniques
With Mastering Digital Exposure and HDR Imaging, professional and aspiring-professional photographers can explore the little-understood realm of digital exposure–as well as the emerging exposure-based techniques of High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging. Exposure is challenging, and digital cameras add new wrinkles to the complex equations. From the linear nature of digital sensors and digital noise, to white balance, ISO equivalency, and dynamic range, author Chris Weston explains it all. With a sound background in exposure, readers will be ready to explore HDR imaging. Throughout, case studies from actual assignments, both studio and field based, reveal the real-world applications of each new technique.

About the Author
Chris Weston, the author of Mastering Your Digital SLR, The Essential Lighting Manual for Photographers, and several other books on photography, lives in Dorset, UK.
Product Details
Hardcover: 192 pages
Publisher: Rotovision (June 10, 2008)
Language: English


This review is from: Mastering Digital Exposure and HDR Imaging: Understanding the Next-Generation of Digital Cameras (Hardcover)

I have been reading this book since it was delivered. It includes a very interesting combination of topics on the latest in digital photography that are exposed quite well. Nice diagrams and pictures are used to illustrate and explain the different concepts on digital exposure and image capture and processing. It is very informative and also makes reference to the newer software. Unfortunately the letter type is so small that it makes for very uncomfortable reading (almost offensive). It is a shame to see how space is wasted in the book layout instead of using this space to include a bigger type to offer easier and more enjoyable reading.

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