Pro HDR for Iphone or Itouch

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Howdee all,

I am having fun with this new app I purchased for my Itouch its called Pro HDR.

The app takes two images of the light area in a photo and one of the dark area…and merges both of them..While the quality is not wonderful..I do like what it does…I can only imagine this type of app in the future.. Here is a review of the app.

I think there are a few cameras out there that have this any of you have more experience with this?

All of the photos below are taken with my Itouch and the Pro HDR app.

We are now in Savannah, Georgia..

Jeff found this shell on the beach…image

The beach at Tybee Island

imageSun setting at Skidaway Islandimage


Ballie… image

Tomorrow we head south..don’t know where we will end up…


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