planning to buy photomatix pro, Photomatix Pro – to buy or not to buy

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planning to buy photomatix pro, Photomatix Pro – to buy or not to buy,Photomatix, to be or not to be?
Hi everyone…planning to buy photomatix pro. Am not in a super hurry in that I will be planning to use it mainly in July onwards after my holiday snaps are taken. Will there be an update coming out anytime soon that I should wait for? I would rather wait a couple of months and get the latest software (or get the older one cheap) than jump in…

I tend to Photomatix with generated JPEG files. One of the off-shoot advantages of the 40D’s high speed is that using the +/-2 Stop Exposure compensation and high speed drive means that you can fairly comfortably hand hold for the 3 shots, thus negating the need for a tripod when noticing a scene that requires tone mapping to capture. Exposure Compensations on ‘My Menu’ for just this reason.

”At the time you purchase a license of our software, you are guaranteed at least one year of free upgrades. In the practice, you are likely to be able to upgrade for free for more than one year.”

”Similarly, the upgrade to the upcoming version 4 or Photomatix Pro will be free of charge for all licensed users of version 3, i.e. for all customers who purchased a license of Photomatix Pro after the 27th of March 2008.”

I’ve had version 3 for a year so I’m not worrying at all.

A slightly unrelated question but given I dislike spending too much time post processing and I have a slow computer, will I be that much disadvantaged gettingphotomatix light? All I want to do is merge and do some tone mapping. I dont wish for lots of extras. I have PS elements instead of CS3/4 for similar reasons. Is this a good option for me or is pro THAT much better and a no brainer?

well it’s just my opinion, Rohit but I decided on Pro.
But if you keep an eye on your thread I’m sure lots of other people will give advice.( I have never looked at the light version).
features list for pro..
features list for light,

If I want to install photomatix to more than one of my computers (i.e. laptop and main comp)…I figure this will not be possible if I get a “non CD version”? The website mentions that if you need to reinstall, you can download from the website again. Does that mean you need to pay again? If not and you can download it as many times as you want for free, will it allow you to download to another computer to the one you initially purchased it on? Seems unlikely I guess as it would allow piracy to occur easily.

no you don’t have to pay again. you get sent a key, just keep that safe.
I think you can install it on 2 or3 but I would have to check that.

”One license entitles you to install and register Photomatix Pro on other computers you use. The same applies to Photomatix Pro Plus, Photomatix Light and/or the Photoshop and Aperture plugins if you purchased a license of those software.
However, a license is limited to one user. This means you will need to buy an additional license if you wish to install and register the software for another user (unless the other user is your spouse or close family member, as we make an exception in such cases). ”

Piracy occurs with all software and I’m sure HDRsoft are aware of that, and taking measures to minimise it. But if people don’t pay they can’t improve it.

cool, that clears that up. The price difference is not actually that much. I think I will get the pro and on download only so that if an update arrives, I will be able to get it easily.

I’m pretty new to HDR and I’ve only ever used Photomatix but I’m pretty happy with it so far. I’ve seen great stuff created with all the software pakages but I’ve found that Most of the HDR stuff I really like has had additional post processing done in photoshop.

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