photomatix tone mapping 2011 – high dynamic range photomatix

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photomatix tone mapping 2011 HDR (high dynamic range): surreal colors, vivid expanded range of lights and darks, eerie landscapes with saturated hues, still life images with processed appearances, intensified levels of dynamic density…

For the unfamiliar, HDR photography is where you take a series of exposures of a given scene and use software to combine them together. photomatix tone mapping 2011 When used properly an HDR photo creates a more dynamic image which displays the scene more closely to the way the human eye sees it—richer detail in the shadows and less loss of detail in the bright areas. It can be very easily overdone however. The images below show HDR done in an unrealistic fashion:



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photomatix tone mapping 2011 If you have ever photographed a high contrast scene, you know that even the best exposure will typically have blown out highlights and flat shadows. The solution is High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing:
› Take multiple photographs at varying exposure levels
› Merge the photos in Photomatix into an HDR image that reveals highlight and shadow details.
› Adjust the settings to get the look you want: from natural-looking with Exposure Fusion to painterly or surreal with Tone Mapping.

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