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20-Nov-11 – Updated in v4.1.4
– Updated Raw conversion function, adding among others support of Raw files from Olympus E-PL3, Nikon P7100, and Sony A77 and A65.
– Bug fixed: When using two or more monitors, Preset Thumbnails panel could sometimes show truncated.

Photomatix Pro 4.1.4  Coupon Code– Get 15% Discount with 15HDRIT


25-Oct-11 – Updated in v4.1.3
– Updated Raw conversion function, adding support of Raw files from the Olympus E-P3, Leica D-LUX 6 and V-LUX 2, Panasonic G3/G3F, and Sony NEX-C3 and SLT-A35.
– Bug fixed: Saving via the “Save Image” menu item did not work properly in some cases, saving with a file extension different from the actual file format written.
– Bug fixed: Photomatix settings embedded in image saved as JPEG did not display when clicking on the “View Settings” button.
– Bug fixed: 32-bit HDR histogram was not working. Bug had been introduced in v4.1.
– Bug fixed: Batch was not taking into account custom directory for temporary files set in Preferences.
– Bug fixed: The exposure of 32-bit HDR image file created with deghosting on was 9 to 10 stops higher than exposure of 32-bit HDR image file created without deghosting. Bug prevented to stitch 32-bit HDR files when some of the frames needed deghosting and others not.
– Bug fixed: When height of source image is particularly height (e.g. 10500 pixels high), using the options for reducing chromatic aberrations caused bands of color artifacts in the upper side of the image.
– Bug fixed: Options for deghosting, noise and chromatic aberration reduction could be selected when using strip by strip processing in batch.
– Bug fixed: Changing the radius setting of the Fusion Intensive method on multiple core computers could generate a crash.
– Bug fixed: Rotating an image after having cropped it returned an error.
– Bug fixed: Workflow shortcut panel could not be reopened after having been closed.
– Bug fixed: 32-bit HDR image generated from Raw files with ProPhoto RGB as color primaries was different depending on whether the merge was done in batch mode or from the main interface.
– Bug fixed: Processing images having different sizes via the Lightroom plug-in resulted in garbled output.

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