Photomatix Easy to use, Gives new life to your photos!

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I am a HDR newbie, I never thought I would be diving into HDR so quickly (didn’t even know what it was a month ago). This program makes it so easy to transform your photos. I have a nikon D200, D5000 and Olympus e-pl1, and I have achieved astonishing photos, adding this technique, photos are jaw-dropping. I have had some many compliments to my photos, and even friends asking me to help them achieve the same wonderful photos. This is a very insteresting technique. Once you have your shot taken with at least 3 different exposures then you will merge the 3 photos into HDR image, and then next step of the program is tone mapping to reveal highlights & shadows details in HDR image. The results will AMAZE you.

One note, you can download this software’s trail version for free to see if you like it, that is what I did. You can use it indefinetely (not 30 days like most), but it will leave a watermark on your finished project, but at least you can play with it before spending $100.

**If you don’t have a camera that can take 3 different exposures or you having a moving target that you can’t, you can take one photo and then manipulate 2 new exposures with a software program, or even Windows photo gallery. It is not “true” hdr, but it gives similar results. I took some photos of my niece walking down the aisle at an outside wedding on a beautiful day. I couldnt do the 3 diffenet exposures with my camera because of the movement (even a second in time makes a difference of the photo you take), so I manipulated 2 new exposures afterwards and then used this program. The results were amazing, the sky alone with the clouds and sun shinning thru looked 3D.

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