photomatix discount coupon2011,Is there a way to get the watermark off

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photomatix discount coupon 2011:If you have a license of Photomatix Pro, it is possible to remove the ‘Photomatix’ watermark from photographs processed when the software was still in trial mode, but only if the resulting image was not post-processed.
· Click on the ‘Automate’ menu and select “Batch Single Files”
· Check the “Remove watermark” option (this becomes enabled after registration)
· Browse to the folder where your image(s) having the watermarks are located, and make sure that the images in this folder do have the watermark added to them.
· Click on the “Run” button
photomatix discount coupon2011:Important note: The removal of the watermark requires that the image was not retouched after the watermark was added to it. If you changed the brightness or contrast of the image, cropped it, or resized it, then Photomatix will not be able to remove the watermark anymore.

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