Photomatix Coupon Code 2012 – “15HDRIT” works great

Photomatix Coupon Code -- Get 15% Discount with the coupon code 15HDRIT

Photomatix Coupon Code  2012 – Get 15% Discount with 15HDRIT

Photomatix is our recommended choice for working with HDR photos, we were lucky enough to secure a special 15% discount on all HDRsoft products for readers.

15% off with code 15HDRIT. I recommend Photomatix Pro as the best software tool for generating and tone-mapping high dynamic range (HDR) images. Visitors to this site can obtain a 15% discount on the software. Please go to, click on the “Purchase” tab and enter the coupon code 15HDRIT to receive your discount.

Photomatix Coupon Code  2012 – How to get the discount:

1. Enter the coupon code 15HDRIT and click “Recalculate”:

2. You save 15% on your order:

If you are interested in trying Photomatix Pro, you can download a free trial version from ,  If you decide to purchase the full version, you can save 15% using my Photomatix discount code “ 15HDRIT 

Enjoy Photomatix Pro!

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