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20-Nov-13: Photomatix Pro 5.0 released: Adds Contrast Optimizer Tone Mapping for realistic-looking results, new Fusion method for real estate photography, multiple settings batching, and option to enable fusion from a single RAW file.

Hi Guys,

have you checked out the Beta release of Photomatix Pro 5 yet? I have posted a little review video of the new features last week. Maybe you’ll find it useful:

Finally had a chance to try out Photomatix Pro5.0 today, since the final version was released on November 20th, 2013. I didn’t have any luck using the beta version back in October because of error messages. I’m really glad this is a free upgrade for previous owners of Photomatix Pro 4.0. Some of the good things I’ve’ve been hearing about in the new version of Photomatix Pro 5.0 are listed below.

  • Contrast Optimizer
  • Fusion/Real-Estate
  • Batch Processing
  • Better image alignment

The above photo was taken in a park in Upstate New York while heading towards Woodbury Commons.

Technical Information: ISO 100, 18mm, F8.0, [3.0 + 0.8 + 13.0 sec]

Post-processing information: Lightroom 5 Adjustments, Photomatix Pro 5, Topaz DeNoise, OnOne Perfect Effects 8 Beta 3 and Topaz Detail.

from my prespective, now keep in mind this is what I think; I don’t usually offer criticism but you specifically asked for it.

your biggest overall problem is your shadows lack detail, and so do your highlights. This is what HDR is supposed to fix.

photo 1 I see nothing wrong with this one, its well exposed.

photo 2 no detail in the water falling out of the fountain. The fountain is in the middle so it is taking the role as the main subject so I would want to see more detail in the water falling out of the pool. There is lots of detail in the side buildings but they seem to be stealing the show from the main subject.

Photo 3 the top of the buildings have no details, its like your overexposed image is missing.

Photo 4. I can see texture in the clouds, but no drama. the underexposed image should be able to pull the detail out of this sky. Keep in mind that in a photo like this the sky takes up about half this image, so attention needs to be given to the appearance of the sky. Now if you had a long exposure and the clouds were moving that could explain the lack of detail but not knowing your shooting time i can comment on that. Also the colors in the buildings seem a bit flat, I don’t know how to fix that, it has to do with the angle of the light when this image was taken. If you look at the top image the tone in that one was much better. The colors seem to be alive, but in photo 4 they lack this vitality.

Photo 5. No problem with the lack of detail in the shadows here, this image is meant to have a solid black background. and the glowing gold works so well against the dark BG. In my opinion this is probably the best of the bunch.

Photo 6. I like the b&w format. works well, there is good detail in the shadows, the misty skyscrapers in the background is awesome. Again the sky lacks definition. HDR does wonderful things to skys. I recommend you pay more attentions to the sky when processing the image.

Well there it is. My thoughts. They are all good images, I nitpicked them but only to provide you with direction on where to take your next crop.

I would like to leave you with an image to illustrate what I am talking about.

“The Photomatix details enhancer does a better job of rendering shadow detail than the comparable local adaptation algorithm in Photoshop, and produces images with a distinctive ethereal appearance. Photomatix is polished software, backed by a he

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