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photomatix 4.2 discount coupon code – Get 15% Discount with the coupon code 15HDRIT

photomatix Pro version 4.2 has been released.

The upgrade to version 4.2 is free of charge for customers who purchased a license of Photomatix Pro version 3 or higher.

It can be downloaded from this web page

The main updates in version 4.2 are:

– Display options for preset thumbnails: You can view presets at a larger size or in two columns, and filter them by category.

– Simplified size options on Preview dialog: Size ratio mechanism replaced by magnifier icons for zooming in or out at 20% increments.

– “Finishing Touch” palette for adjusting your tonemapped or fused image: Options for increasing contrast, adjusting the saturation of individual colors, and sharpening.

– Addition of 20 built-in presets.

– New fusion method designed to produce natural-looking rendering of interiors with bright windows. This method is called Fusion/Realistic and is only accessible in batch mode. Note that Fusion/Realistic requires much longer processing times than the other methods.

– Transfer of all EXIF and GPS metadata in the source photos to the tonemapped or fused image.

– Option to import presets. The option is accessible from the combo-box on top of the Presets panel when the “My Presets” tab is selected.

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