photography hdr tutorial:Can I use photomatix for combining multiple scans?

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Can I use your product for combining multiple scans?
Yes, Photomatix can be used to combine two or more scans from the same film scanned under different exposure settings. There is an example produced with 3 scans from a film’s negative here. You may also try with scanned slides, but it is better to do it with negatives, as the dynamic range for film’s negatives is higher than for slides.
photography hdr tutorial:We would recommend combining the differently exposed 16-bit outputs from your scanner with the Exposure Fusion method named “H&S – Adjust”. Since this fusion method is mostly automatic, it is recommended to use the Batch Processing function to process the 16-bit scans to avoid out-of-memory issues.
The scans will need to have the same size before processing them. Also, the option “Align images” will have to be checked in order to correct for possible mis-registration of the scans.

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