Panoramic HDR Photography Tutorial

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Panoramic HDR Photography Tutorial:Autodesk Stitcher returns an error “Image size must be the same” when I load HDR images produced with Photomatix.
When the Align images option is selected and your bracketed images are slightly misaligned, Photomatix will by default crop the images after having corrected the alignment shifts. This means that the width and/or height of the resulting HDR image will slightly differ from the width and height of the source images, and also differ from the width and height of the other HDR images as the alignment correction is specific to a bracketed set.
hdr panoramas:To bypass the cropping of the resulting image after alignment, please check the option Don’t crop located next to the Align images option on the Batch Processing window. When the Don’t crop option is checked, Photomatix will not change the size of the images after alignment and Stitcher will not complain.

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