Nikon D7000 for HDR

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Nikon D7000 = Two steps forward, one giant step back (for HDR)

The Nikon D7000 is limited to 3aeb.  BUT! Nikon in their infinite lack of wisdom has decided to further cripple HDR shooters by making that 3aeb limited to maximum steps of only 1EV between frames  (see update *****). Hence “one giant step back”.

***** 36 hours after the D7000 announcment, Nikon updated their website and marketing PDF to reflect a mistake on their part.  The mistake was forgetting to show that the max EV step for the D7000 was 2EV not 1EV as they had previously reported.  The below still applies to attempt to get in three bursts what you can get natively in a D300/D3/D700.

So why did I say “Two steps forward”?  Because the main dial on the top of the camera has dedicated U1 and U2 settings for custom settings.  One could set their U1 dial to have exposure compensation set to -3 and the U2 dial set with exposure compensation set to +3.  That way with three 6fps bursts and two spins of the dial you can end up with a 9 frame bracket from -4 to +4 equal to the bracket you get natively with a D300/D3/D700. Slightly out of order and messy to deal with in LightRoom, Bridge, etc., but at least covers the scene.

One should be able to initially set up a 3aeb with 1EV steps and fire off a bracket at 6fps to capture the frames at -1, 0, +1, then turn to U1 on the dial (previously set for -3 exposure compensation) to capture -4, -3, -2 and then turn the dial to U2 (previously set for +3 exposure compensation) to capture 2, 3, 4 to complete a series from -4 to +4 with 1EV steps.

Simple?  Clean?  No, but at least its an option (based on how I am reading Nikon USA website and camera settings).

By Michael James

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  1. I just recently got and have been using the D7000 for a bit now. It does do max AEB steps of 2EV between frames. I am newer to HDR but, using 3 images from a -2 to +2 seems to work pretty gosh darn good. Ive been able to make some pretty awesome photos through my own self teaching. Granted I do not do much indoor photography. Just wanted folks to know that the D7000’s aeb modes and the mirror up function and the automated burt shooting make it very easy to get what you need.

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