New HDR Tips from John Omvik, VP Marketing at Unified Color

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John Omvik has spent his entire working career in the photo industry. He’s developed a slew of great products ranging from digital camera designs to software to pro NAND Flash memory devices and even a photo security product. John’s also an accomplished pro photographer and he never misses a chance to shoot.

Since coming to Unified Color he’s concentrated on the issues surrounding HDR photography and he’s developed a great set of tips that, if followed, will raise your success level with HDR photography. Check back here over the next few days as we’ll be rolling out these tips a little at a time.

John says:

1. Know When To Use HDR, And When Not To

As much as we’d like to think so, not every scene requires HDR processing. Evaluate the contrast of the scene before taking photos, if the contrast is low you won’t need HDR and you’ll get better results with a single exposure.

Overcast or foggy landscape scenes do not usually require HDR treatment

Clear sunny skies or rooms with bright windows usually have to high a contrast to capture in a single shot and can benefit from HDR. Here’s a perfect example of a low-contrast image that just doesn’t require HDR techniques.



And, here’s another image that didn’t need HDR techniques because the difference between light and dark in the image was not wide enough to make HDR worthwhile.

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