Merge to hdr:Does Photomatix make use of dual and quad processors?

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The current version of Photomatix Pro supports multiple processors for the Tone Compressor tone mapping method and noise reduction on source images, as well as parts of the Details Enhancer tone mapping method, Exposure Fusion/Adjust method, alignment by matching features and RAW conversion. Further versions will add more multi-threading support.
merge to hdr:However, it is important to note that most processes of Photomatix are memory-intensive, which means that multi-processor support will not speed up processing times as much as one may expect. For a memory-intensive process, the bottleneck regarding processing times comes from memory accesses rather than a high number of operations. This means that the processor has to stay idle for many cycles, waiting for data to be fetched in memory. Adding more processing power in this case will just waste even more cycles.
So, multi-core support will not improve much the processing speed of the most memory-intensive functions of Photomatix, and may even increase processing times because of the overhead incurred. However, there are still processes in Photomatix that are not particularly memory-intensive and can thus benefit from multi-threading — the Tone Compressor tone mapping method is probably the best example, but some parts of the Details Enhancer method can benefit from it as well.

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