Makes it easy to take HDR shots

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Before I purchased my DSLR, I spent a year with an advanced snap and shoot, the G11. Its a great camera, but there is no AEB( Automatic Exposure Bracketing) which makes it easy to take HDR shots. For those that do not know. HDR combines multiple shots at the same exposure to combine the different textures. The camera has to stay in the same spot for all three shots. This can be more of a task if there is no AEB.

This First shot is actually my very first HDR, and having tried enough HDR as I have, I realize I got lucky for a first try. In contrast. I had no tripod. This meant I held the camera with stiff arms, doing my best not to move the camera as I adjusted the shutter speed. Clearly, I did not stay perfectly still because, if you look at things like the leaves, some items are a bit blurry. I love it though because of a mixture of the sunlight coming through, the shadows from the trees on the ground, and the horizon in the background.

This shot, as well as the following show sunset, which, with HDR, comes out very well in my opinion. These shots offer a mixture of colourful textures as well as capturing the clouds on contrast. For this, I luckily had a tripod, so it was easier. I put a timer on the camera to avoid vibrations, stepped back, and took five shots for Photoshop to compare.  Comparatively speaking to my first try, it was much easier, and came out much more clearly.


In preparing for this post, I noticed in the original of this shot that there was a lot of noise. I had to start from scratch. I wish I knew what it was that made it happen. Usually noise arises from a high ISO or maybe a long exposure. I think what happened was, in creating the HDR, i had the details so high that it made the conflicting pixels come out even more. Luckily, I brought it down and went at this picture for a second round
I put both up so you can compare the shots. I do prefer the second shot, but I have a strong dislike for noise at the same time. You can look and see the dilemma I have, and maybe give a solution? 

I just want to note that this style photography is mostly inspire from my father, who often does these very well made HDR sceneries. His name is Craig Corl. Hope you enjoyed and please comment so I may grow as a photographer! This is still a learning experience for me!


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