Is there a wish-list for Photomatix?

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How do I get informed about your product updates?
Please subscribe to Photomatix announcements to receive notifications of upgrades.
Note that we have a strict privacy policy. This means we do not use the email addresses of customers, unless they explicitly requested to be notified about upgrades by subscribing to the announcements.

› How do I change my email address to my new one?
It is not necessary to change the email address you used to purchase a license of Photomatix as we have a strict privacy policy which precludes us from using your email address for anything other than our records. This means that if you wish to get informed of new versions of Photomatix, you will have to explicitly request it by subscribing to the Photomatix announcements.
When you need to be resent your license key while you don’t have access to the email address you used to order a license, please contact us mentioning your old email address.
The upgrade to version 4 is free of charge for customers who bought a license of Photomatix Pro 3, as further detailed above.
Definitely. Please use our contact form to let us know about your suggestions/feature requests. Thanks in advance.

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