Improve Your HDR Photography (Improve Your Photography) Review

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Product Description

There are thousands of simple HDR tutorials online, but few tips on improving your HDR photography past the absolute basics. This book was designed to fill that void with dozens of easy-to-implement tips and techniques to create realistic-looking HDR images.

The first chapter is a quick HDR tutorial for beginners, and then the remaining chapters build on the basic knowledge with advanced techniques and dozens of tips from the pros. The author’s no-nonsense writing style is easy to understand and makes for a quick read.

What could your HDRs look like if you applied these tips? Bring your photography to the next level for just $5.99.

This is a terrific resource for getting a handle on the nuts and bolts of HDR. I have been overwhelmed by the different programs and methods available to create stunning (not cartoonish) HDR and this book provides an easy to follow blueprint. In the classroom and in print, Jim has a great talent for presenting material in an informative and entertaining format.

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