How to start for beginner photographer

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At this article I will write about a few of the first steps anyone who is willing to get into photography seriously should take.

1: First of all get you should get a DSLR camera.

Why should you get a DSLR over a good point and shoot? Because DSLR cameras give you the option to control manual settings of the camera. And yeah, I know that also some P&S cameras give you this option, but they are other reasons to get a DSLR.

First and foremost as I said before, it gives you the option to control manual settings and learn how to use them. Some DSLR cameras also teach you about photography like the Nikon D3100 and D3200 that have a guide mode in them!

The second most important reason is interchangeable lenses. The ability to change lenses on the camera is great for a few reasons. The most important of them is that with certain lenses you can get certain kinds of pictures. What do I mean? If you are a bird photographer you need a telephoto lens. With a telephoto lens you can make completely different pictures than with a wide – angle lens. If you are a macro photographer that you need a macro lens. Macro lenses are different that telephoto lenses. And so on.

So the ability to change lenses is very important so you can do different kinds of photography.

Another reason to get a DSLR camera is that they have bigger sensors. This gives you much better overall image quality, but also if you want to get background blur (bokeh) in your shots. As I said DSLR’s have bigger sensors so they can get you more blur in the background than a P&S camera. This is great if you want to separate the subject from the background.

Another good reason is the speed of the camera. DSLR cameras give you the option to use continuous shooting. This means that you can take a very big amount of pictures in a split second! In the Nikon D4 you can shoot up to 10 Frames per second!! That means that you can take 10 pictures in a split second! Of course that not in all DSLR’s you can shoot so quickly, but every DSLR is faster than a P&S.

And also the focus speed in a DSLR is a lot quicker than on P&S!But before you get a DSLR you need to decide what lens to get with it. I suggest to get the Kit lens that comes with the camera. The kit lens is a great lens in a very cheap price! It has a good wide – angle focal length and also a Mid- range telephoto. It is very sharp but most importantly it is a great lens to get started with in photography. I still use one!

2: The second thing to do is learn how to use manual settings.

So you got your beautiful and great DSLR, so what is the next thing to do? The next thing is to learn how to use it’s manual settings!

To learn how to use manual settings on your DSLR you should first understand all the basics of photography. Learn about Shutter speed and Aperture and ISO. The three kings of exposure as I heard somebody say once. Once you learn these things you need to learn about the manual modes of your camera.

The best thing to do is search the web for information, they’re so many photography sites out there that can teach you all about your DSLR. After you learn the basics of exposure I talked about you need to learn to use them! Go out for a walk with your camera and use one of the manual settings of the camera.
After you learn about the basics of photography you can start having fun!

3: After you learned how to use your DSLR’s manual settings it’s time to start having fun!

First of all you should start reading (in the internet!!) about styles of photography. You should learn about styles of photography so you can start understanding what style you like. Do you like nature photography Things like bird photography, wildlife photography, landscape photography and macro photography. And than there is wedding photography. And photojournalism, and street photography, and portrait photography and I can go on like this forever!

4: Learn and study the kind of photography you like!

After you start thinking about styles of photography, you need to start to learn them! If you decide you like Bird photography than you need to learn lot’s of techniques that have to do with that kind of photography. Study the techniques that have to do with that kind of photography, learn how to use these techniques in the field, and then go out to the field and try using what you learned!

Photography is a lot more about how you take pictures than about what camera you have. Even with the most basic P&S you can take great shots! If you learn and master the techniques that are important for your style of photography you will be a very good photographer!

5: Buy accessories and lenses that fit your style.

After you learn styles of photography, you may need to get photography gear that fits your style. If you want to take pictures of wildlife you need a telephoto lens. If you want to take pictures of landscapes you probably want to consider a tripod. If you want to do weddings and pictures in low – light than you need a fast lens with a big maximum aperture and a flash unit too. For every style/kind of photography you need different accessories and lenses.

Check what accessories or lenses you should get for your style of photography and then go out and make yourself a list of options and chose one!

6: Buy other important accessories.

After you buy the accessories you need for your style of photography you should start thinking about getting the must – have accessories.

What accessories should you get? Here is a list of the most important photography accessories that most photographers need and use all the time.

1: A camera bag. You should get a camera bag that holds all you gear and keeps it safe. I use a kata camera bag but it’s all up to your preferences!
2: A extra battery. no – brainier.
3: Memory cards! You should get a bunch of memory cards so you will never run out of space. And they are really getting cheap!
4: A good lens cleaning kit. I use a lens pen and its enough for me but some people get other cleaning accessories as well.
5: A tripod! If you are planning on taking pictures in low-light so you have to get a tripod! Or even if you are planning to take landscape pictures.

And they’re lots of other good accessories out there but these are the basic and the most needed normally.
So that’s it! Those are the steps I think are most important to take if you are a beginner photographer!
I hope you enjoyed this post and learned a lot from it .



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