How to Making Calendars in Zoner Photo Studio

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How to Making Calendars in Zoner Photo Studio

Even if we don’t count the major gift-giving seasons, there are many times in a year where you need a calendar to fit certain aesthetic and functional demands, and nothing commerically available meets that need.

Making Calendars in Zoner Photo Studio

In that case, you can make your own in Zoner Photo Studio. The program includes a Calendars wizard with templates that make the job easy. You can use these templates—39 in total—to make monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly calendars. Naturally, they all include space for one or more pictures on each page.

Preparing the Pictures

Before you get started making the calendar, prepare the set of photos that you’ll use in it. Edit them before the job, so that while creating the calendar, you can focus just on selecting and positioning them. For calendars with one page per month or with multiple photographs per page, it is important for the pictures to be at least somewhat related to each other.

If you choose to go by theme and create a calendar with only e.g. portrait-type pictures, think carefully about their order. During this, keep in mind the characters of the months themselves. A portrait taken in warm evening light, for instance, might complement a spring or summer month… or might also bring warmth to a cold December.

A Year in Just Minutes

As soon as you have the pictures ready for your calendar, use Publish | Calendars in the Manager. This displays the Calendars wizard, with a series of steps for choosing a calendar template and for setting the calendar’s look. In the first step, choose the pictures to work with. (You can also instead choose no pictures here and import them in a later step.) Click Next to move to the next step. For a wall calendar, the Tabloid size is good for US users, and the A3 size is good elsewhere.

Page Format

Use the next step to choose a calendar template. The left section of the window shows the templates’ thumbnails. There are templates for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly calendars, as well as a 53-sheet weekly calendar. Be sure to set the correct year so that the right data is read in.


The next step is important for the individual pages’ overall look. That’s because in this step, you set what information the calendar will contain. Use it to set up the month display, the orientation of weeks, and highlighting of days of the week and holidays. You can also set the size, color, and font for text in the calendar. During this, remember that in graphic design, less is more. Use a sober text color and style to avoid the risk of a kitschy look.

Settings for Calendars

In the next-to-last step of the wizard, set how the pictures will be laid into the frames on the calendar pages: automatically, or manually. Automatic placement is faster, but Manual placement gives you personal control over which picture is put where.

The Fitting Method is important, although the default option here, “Frame,” is the best for most cases: “Crop” can crop away parts of the placed pictures, and “Distort” can give very unaesthetic results.

The last step (for Manual placement) is placing the individual pictures into the frames on each calendar page. To do this, drag and drop the pictures from the left-side pane into the red frames on the right. In Manual placement, only one page exists until you add more; click Add Page to add a page. Once the calendar contains as many pages as desired and each page contains pictures, click Next to move on to the final step. Then use that step’s buttons to print the calendar immediately, save it in an editable format (Save…), or in one usable in other programs (Save as Bitmaps…), or as an easily-viewable PDF (Export to PDF…). You can also open it in the Editor or Zoner Draw 5 for post-editing. (Zoner Draw 5 is a separate program.) Once you’ve printed it out in Zoner Photo Studio or elsewhere, all that’s left is to hang it on your wall!

Place Pictures in Template


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