How to do hdr photography:How did you take the Grand Canal picture on your example page while the boats were moving?

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how to make hdr photos:Taking differently exposed shots for HDR only works well with stills. For a scene with motion, the resulting image will show “ghosting” artifacts.
Most cameras have an automatic bracketing exposure function which lets them take three or more shots successively while automatically changing the exposure. This is still not fast enough in most cases of moving scenes, but in the case of the Grand Canal photo shown on our example page it was, as the boats’ movements are almost unnoticeable in the final tone mapped image. There were two reasons for that:
1. The boats were moving slowly.(HDR Photography How To)
2. The three shots were taken with a camera offering a high burst rate (the 1D MKII which can take up to 8.5 frames per second).
how to do hdr photography:Photomatix Pro includes an option that reduces ghosting artifacts for moving objects. When this option does not work well with your images, you can also try the ghost repair technique detailed in this tutorial (note that when the tutorial mentions HDR image, it refers to the tone mapped image in fact).

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