How to capture an image in HDR

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To capture an image in HDR, you have to take five photos. Those photos have to be perfectly aligned so a tripod is a necessity.

Steps for HDR photograph:

Step 1 – compose the image with the camera on a tripod.

Step 2 – lock the camera down on the tripod so it won’t move.

Step 3 – Set the f/stop of 22 for a landscape or street scene. If you’re in Aperture Priority, the shutter speed will set automatically.

Step 4 – Set the camera for large jpg.

Step 5 – Photograph one shot with your hand in front of the camera. This is to tell you that the following five photos will be used to make an HDR photograph.

Step 6 – Take one shot properly exposed, one shot 2 stops over exposed, one shot 1 stop over exposed, one shot 1 stop under exposed, and one shot 2 stops under exposed. (In Aperture Priority, push and hold the +/- button to over expose or under expose. The light meter scale will show-up to help you get the over or under.)

Step 7 – don’t move the camera but check the five photos to make sure there is a not a highlight indicator blinking in the same spot in every photo. If there is, take another shot 3 stops under exposed.

Step 8 – Take a shot with your hand in the photo. This is to tell you that you’ve finished with the HDR photo.

Step 9 – Remember to reset your camera to a balanced light meter. Reset your camera to RAW if that’s what you usually shoot.

Process the images in Photomatix software.

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