How do I tranfer to Photomatix Pro version 4 my presets saved with version 3?

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This question is only applicable to the Windows version of Photomatix Pro, as the presets location did not change in the case of the Mac version.
In Photomatix Pro version 3 for Windows, presets you saved using the “Save Settings” feature where stored in the ‘Presets’ folder of the directory where you had installed Photomatix Pro. If you installed it in the default location (and assuming you installed on a C drive), then the presets are in this folder:
C:\Program Files\PhotomatixPro3\Presets
In Photomatix Pro version 4, the presets are now stored in your Application Data directory instead of the installation directory of Photomatix Pro. So, to transfer your presets from version 3, you will have to move the XMP files in the above folder to the following location depending on your OS:
Windows Vista or 7:
Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\HDRsoft\PhotomatixPro\Presets
Where is the name of the user under which Photomatix Pro was installed.

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