HEADS UP With Regards to the New Niksoftware Program HDR Efex Pro

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High dynamic range photography is a complex and very technical photography style. As such,

many HDR editing applications have complex controls and awkward interfaces. HDR Efex Pro has

an interface that is both easy to learn and easy to use, with understandable terminology so that   you can start working immediately.

I will say first of all Niksoftware has to this point created some wonderful programs for us photographers. They were the creators of the control point way of editing that makes NX2 so easy to use. Most of them are plug-ins for either the Nikon program NX2 or the Photoshop line of editors. But their newest edition to their line of programs, HDR Efex Pro, has caused a fair bit of problems, as in crashing CS5. I am one of those that is having issues. So, for anyone thinking of buying it, I would suggest downloading the trial first and see that it works on your machine. To Nik’s credit they are working with many of us to come up with a solution. I will keep you informed with what comes from Nik as to their solution. Their website is http://www.niksoftware.com/.

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