HDR Settings of Canon G12

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As in… I didn’t find some of the HDR settings in the manual and made assumptions.  I’ve since found the extra key to press to adjust the steps between each shot and the SCN dial mode which has HDR mode all the way to the right as options.  That mode being the one that takes 3 shots and merges in camera.  As a result of finding these… I’ll be doing some testing at some point in the near future.

The above image was a 3aeb +/-1EV and expands to a larger version if you click on the photo.  I only used 1EV spacing because that was the default setting on the G12.  I only just today was made aware of the extra buttons to press to find out how to change the EV steps.  For this shot I’d have definitely have gone to +/-2EV to try and tame the highlights better.

I have a Pentax K-x so I have that as a reference point as it relates to in camera HDR processing which like the G12, gives you a JPEG as a final processed image.  Now I’m even more interested to see how the G12 in camera version compares to the K-x.  More to come in time… possibly a shoot out between the K-x and G12 using in camera HDR to see which I like better.

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