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By Gavin  Nov, 23, 2010  

HDR in WIKI: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_dynamic_range_imaging

Best Free HDR Software Programs
This site lists several free applications with reviews. They are listed below.

Essential HDR Community Edition
FDRTools Basic

Commercial HDR Programs
Photomatix 4 For years this has been the preferred HDR software but now has some serious competition. Standalone and Photoshop Plugin available. It also comes with a Lightroom plugin.
Photomatix Tutorial
Photomatix Lightroom Plugin Export from Lightroom to Photomatix Pro

NIk HDR Efex Pro New HDR plugin with many presets and 4 tonemapping algorithims. Lightroom plugin comes with it.

Oloneo Photo Engine New HDR application in Beta testing with many great features. It not only offers an almost unlimited control over exposure and lighting but also provides a new level of creativity in digital photography. You can download the beta.

HDR Expose
– billed as “the only HDR software available that features accurate color, full color gamut and HDR editing capability”

HDR Darkroom Billed as: the first all-in-one HDR software to achieve both photo-realistic HDR photography and surreal HDR photography easily using two patented innovative Local Tone Mapping technologies.
Tutorial for HDR Darkroom


FDRTools Advanced

HDR-like images can be created from one image with this plugin
(They can also be created using some of the HDR programs listed above!)
Topaz Adjust

Tutorials and Resources

Great article on bracketing, number of exposures for HDR from beforethecoffee
One of the best HDR tutorials from stuckincustoms.com
Tutorial from photoshopcafe.com
Many good video tutorials from PhotoWalkPro on HDR and pseudo-HDR
Tutorials from Outback Photo
Wikipedia HDR resource
Great article by Jim Austin M.A., A.C.E.
HDR 2-part videos by Ben Wilmore
PopPhoto.com tutorial for Photoshop and Photomatix
Vanila Days Tutorial Guide for Photomatix from Pete Carr, author of HDR Photography Photo Workshop
An HDR Primer; High Dynamic Range Photography For Those Who “Want It All!” (Shutterbug magazine)
HDR for the Landscape by Rob Sheppard (Outdoor Photographer)
6 Tips for great HDR photography
HDR tutorial using Photoshop CS3 by Colin Smith for Creative Pro
Comparison of HDR Software (out of date but good info) See also HDR and Tonemapping with screen shots
Markus Linke’s Tutorial using Photomatix and Photoshop with plugins
Landscape HDR Tutorial by Royce Howland
Article on FDRTools Advanced from popphoto.com
5 HDR Tutorials dealing with photography, Photoshop, Photomatix, workflow
Tutorial using CS4 and Photomatix 3.1
Tutorial on HDR Bracketing
Good article on Photomatix and Photoshop processing from The Light’s Right
Nice Workflow tutorial using a waterfall image in Photomatix and post-processing in Photoshop
HDR Tutorial using Photomatix by dan norcott
HDR Tutorial using Photomatix by Markus Urban at abduzeedo.com
Good article on Bracketing
John Paul Caponigro HDR articles and Movie
HDR Tutorials Roundup
Tutorial: Using Photomatix Pro in Lightroom
HDR Pro in Photoshop CS5 video tutorial on Adobe TV
HDR Pro tutorial from photoshopsupport.com
HDR Pro video tutorial from Deke McClelland
HDR Pro video tutorial from Adobe TV by Jan Kabili (good info, starts in Bridge and Camera Raw)
See her other tutorial for creating a surreal look and “ghost” removal
HDR Pro video tutorial by Colin Smith on Adobe TV and also one on HDR Toning
HDR Pro and theTone Mapping function in CS5 by Julianne Kost
Free (as of May) NAPP demos of HDR Pro and Tone Mapping videos (and other CS5 features)

HDR Software Yahoo Group

Flickr HDR Group
http://www.flickr.com/groups/hdr/ Check here to view some good examples

Blogs on HDR
Listing of HDR Blogs
Daily HDR Photos at Hidyn Gems Blog
Modern HDR Photography

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