hdr qtpfsgui vs. photomatix pro

By Gavin  Jul, 05, 2011   Posted in HDR News

qtpfsgui vs. photomatix:

1.Qtpfsgui Supported operations include:
*creations of a HDR file from a set of images of a scene taken at different exposure setting.
*tonemapping an HDR image into a common LDR image format (e.g jpeg or png)
*loading, saving and rotating existing HDR images
In some ways the program is a opensource clone of Photomatix.

Qtpfsgui started as a linux-only gui, but now on the webpage you can find both the link to the sourcecode and the link to a package that contains a compiled windows EXE + the required DLLs.
(The application does not support RAW input images.)

The memory usage is a bit high. I used it to create a HDR from 3 jpegs (each 10 megapixel, 4 MB per file). Then after I click on next the memory usage goes up to around 650 MB (virtual) and 250 MB (resident). My Laptop has only 1 GB (including swap) so it finally crashed (Debian with X/windowmaker). Smaller images are working great though, so keep up the good work please. 🙂

you have really written a great software! But there is really no need
for EXIF data in the JPEGs. Just take the data, mix them up with some
mathematics and generate a HDR file. That is the way it is done in
FDRTools 😉

People who are attired of the tonemapping capabilities of Qtpfsgui and who would like to work with a pure freeware solution might benefit from a combined usage of FDRTools Basic and Qtpfsgui. In case

– you want to use your RAWs directly,
– or if your images are without EXIF information,
– or if you have translational alignment problems,

just import them in FDRTools Basic, combine them, export the combined result in HDR file format (*.exr, *.hdr) and import them in Qtpfsgui.

hdr qtpfsgui vs. photomatix

2.Photomatix makes the image look more realistic..

I’m a Windoze user, and I primarily use Photomatix. I’m testing Artizen, but can’t get the same results with it yet. I’ve also tried EasyHDR Pro and Mediachance Dynamic Photo HDRI, but haven’t really liked either.

I was a windows user but before few months I tried a MAC and switched once and forever to MACintosh. I have used artizen, photomatix , dynamic photo HDR and HYDRA.
I have tried the same batch of images on all these programs (since I got a MAC now and it DOES NOT crash 🙂 and according to my results I think that the best HDR programs are



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