HDR processing, How many images can I merge?

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How many images can I merge?
With Photomatix Light, the number of images you can merge is limited to 5.
With Photomatix Pro, the number of images you can merge is unlimited. However, The fusion method “Highlights & Shadows – 2 images” merges only two images. If you have loaded more than two images, Photomatix Pro will let you select the images to process.
For HDR generation and all other fusion methods, you can merge as many images as you want.
When you have 3 or more bracketed shots and are using the “Exposure Fusion” functions of Photomatix Pro or Photomatix Light, we recommend that you also try to merge fewer images, eliminating for instance images that do not add much values (e.g. an underexposed image where even the highlights are too dark to provide interesting details).

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