hdr photography program tutorial:How does photomatix pro handle color profiles?

By Gavin  Jun, 08, 2011   Posted in FAQ on Photomatix

hdr tutorial:How does your software handle color profiles?
Photomatix processes the RGB values of your source images directly, without converting them to another color space. This means that the resulting images produced by Photomatix will be in the same color space as the one specified by the ICC color profile of your source images.
When a color profile for the source images is available, Photomatix embeds it into the resulting tone mapped or combined image.
Please note, though, that in the case of a tone mapped image, the color profile can only be passed through if the Generate HDR and Tone Mapping steps are done in the same session. If you have first saved the HDR image file, then the ICC profile information will be lost and the Tone Mapping step won’t know the color profile anymore. This means that you will have to assign the color profile of the original source images to the tone mapped image yourself.
However, since version 3.0, Photomatix Pro saves the name of the color profile in the header of the HDR image file when this is saved as Radiance (.hdr extension). This means you will not have to re-assign the color profile, provided the HDR image file has been saved as Radiance and the color profile is either sRGB, Adobe RGB or ProPhoto RGB.
Additionally, Photomatix Pro is color managed for the display as well. This means it will show the correct color values based on the ICC profile of the image and the color profile set as display profile for your monitor.
On Mac OS X, the display profile is set under System Preferences->Displays->Color.
On Windows, it is under Settings->Control Panel->Display->Settings->Advanced->Color Management.

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