hdr photographers:Download Photomatix Pro 4.0.2 FAQ

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Photomatix Pro Tutorial:When I try to run Photomatix for Windows, I get an error message just after launching it
If the error message makes reference to a “process id” and “thread id” and/or includes “application has generated an exception that could not be handled”, “the application or DLL is not a valid Windows image”, “application failed to initialize properly” or “fatal execution engine”, then the error is most likely related to a corrupted installation of the .NET framework on your computer.
You could try uninstalling and reinstalling the .NET Framework on your PC. An easier alternative is to download our special version of Photomatix Pro which embeds the .NET Framework, and thus should solve the issue.
You can download this special version directly from the link below. Please note that the download is substantially larger (27 MB) than the usual download of Photomatix Pro for Windows.
Download Photomatix Pro 4.0.2 with the .NET framework embedded (27 MB).
It is recommended to uninstall any version of Photomatix Pro installed on your computer before installing the .NET Framework embedded version.

› I am running Photomatix Light, and I receive an exception message when I click on Process.
If you are running Photomatix Light version 2.0 64-bit, then this problem is fixed in version 2.0.1. To upgrade to version 2.0.1, please download from here.

› When installing a newer version, I get the message “Error trying to replace existing file: DeleteFile failed; code 5”
This error message means that you are running Photomatix at the same time you tried to install the new version. To avoid this error, please make sure to close any instance of Photomatix that is already open, and then download and install the new version.

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