hdr image software:I can’t get sharp results with photomatix?

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I can’t get sharp results with your software!
hdr image software:Lack of sharpness on tone mapped HDR images is often due to the use of Shutter priority mode instead of the recommended Aperture priority mode when bracketing shots.
It it important to set your camera to Aperture priority when shooting with Automatic Exposure Bracketing. This way, only the shutter time will vary, and the Aperture will remain the same. If you set it to Shutter priority instead, the depth-of-field will change between the shots, and this will lead to inferior results on the combined image. Additionally, there may be vignetting issues too.

› Are there ordering rules for loading the images?
No. You can load the images in any order, regardless of their Exposure Value.
Creating an HDR image requires to assign an exposure to each source image. Photomatix automatically retrieves the exposure information from EXIF data. When the images do not have EXIF data, Photomatix will let you enter the exposure values manually, or automatically estimate them when running in batch mode.

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