HDR Express quick reviews

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Today Unified Color released HDR Express.

It might seem like a watered down version of HDR Expose / 32 Float… and that would be true in terms of the tools to use in the user interface, but the underlying code is revolutionary in HDR Express (in terms of Unified Color’s family of HDR apps).

If you download the trial today and test it out… and you own HDR Expose / 32 Float, then your first reaction will be “bugger“.  Because you’ll want that wicked fast, halo free quality in HDR Expose / 32 Float.  Here’s the good news… unified color just put their own Expose/32 Float apps on the endangered HDR species list.  They have no choice now but to get the underlying code from Express into HDR Expose / 32 Float as fast as they can.  Its pretty obvious.  They have to. And when they do, those apps will be much better than they already are now.

My brief take away bullet points would be…


1.  HDR Express is easily 2 to 4 times faster than HDR Expose and/or 32 Float.

2.  Halo free tonemapping without the waiting times in HDR Expose / 32 Float.

3.  Dynamic Range Mapping by default (Express is idiot proof and auto tonemaps the range you feed it)

4.  Simple to use thumbnails to choose from over to under exposed starting points.


1.  Still does not allow me to pull in as much dynamic range as using my proprietary approach.

2.  HDR Express was built for beginners and lacks all the extra (and useful) tools available in HDR Expose / 32 Float for high end tonemapping.

3.  No batch processing (if its there… I missed it).

Posted by Michael James

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