HDR Apps and HDR Camera Enabler -How to Get HDR on iPhone 3GS/4 on iOS 4.1/4.0.x

By Gavin  Nov, 25, 2010   Posted in iPhone HDR

Did you road the stylish iOS 4.1 update on your iPhone 4 because you are protective your jailbreak (which is coming soon) For those that did update, you are belike enjoying the benefits of HDR photography.

Did Apple Acquire their HDR Skills from imsense?

The stylish HDR story is that Apple acquired the UK company, imsense, for this new feature. MacRumors reports that their iPhone app and screen apps hit been pulled along with their social networking accounts. Furthermore, threesome of Apple’s officers were titled directors of imsense in July of this year. I think it’s a finished care that Apple owns imsense!

Want to Get HDR Photography On your iPhone 4 on iOS 4.0.1/4.0.2?

If you are REALLY fearless and poverty HDR picturing on your iPhone 4, and poverty it in an easy way I’d declare downloading digit of digit HDR apps: Pro HDR or TrueHDR.

Both of these apps hit been reviewed and materialize to be in commendable disceptation of replacing Apple’s HDR photography. I proven Pro HDR and here are whatever of my results:

iPhone 4 camera on iOS 4.0.2


Pro HDR allows for semiautomatic or drill attractive of pictures to create your final HDR image. It’s exclusive $1.99 and has been an superior app so far. One downside is the app does verify whatever instance to create your final HDR image. I haven’t proven TrueHDR, but I hit read it’s similar to Pro HDR and equally commendable for picturing junkies. Click here to download Pro HDR.

How to Get HDR Photos on your iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.1

Apple definite to exclusive allow HDR picturing on the iPhone 4. The iPhone 3GS is definitely confident and the iPhone 3G is likewise (although it’d belike be sluggish). There’s a firm Cydia draw to enable HDR easily without the use of SSH. It’s titled HDR Camera Enabler (thanks to FSM for the heads up!).

1. Launch Cydia. Install Winterboard. 2. Go to Sections–Tweaks–HDR Camera Enabler (within the ModMyi repo). 3. Enable HDR Camera Enabler via Winterboard. 4. You should hit the HDR picture option today on your iPhone 3GS!

How are you enjoying HDR picturing on your iPhone 4? Let me undergo how the above solutions hit worked for you!

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